Nerd Table-Nut to Nut with the Deaf Nephews ep

2009 Track Listing-
1.Dead Elvis
3.In Defense of my sperm
4.Egon’s Trans am
Lead Vox-Adam Casto
Guitars-Nick Nighbert
Bass and Backing Vocals – Aaaron White
Drums – Jacob Walker
Guitar and Backing Vocals – Dale Crover
Guitar, Synth and additional Percussion – Toshi Kasai

Nut to Nut is arguably the most intense and spite filled angry cd of last year. For the majority of its playing time it is honest, brutal and very well written and played. That being said, this cd will have you questioning all the things that we as citizens conform to and answer to. This cd is like a 4 song love letter to wake up and stand up for yourself. Halliburton, In Defense of my sperm are the two examples of how Nerd Table has grown cd to ep in the last ten years. The comparisons to Rage Against the Machine can be made for the lyrics, but sound wise this is old school rebellion punk/hard alternative rock. Whoa, before you think Green Day and Offspring, it is not that sell out packaged rebellion punk. That make kids want to buy shirts, skateboards and put bumper stickers on their parents church car. Or walk around the mall with a Damned t shirt and not know one song. This is the honest rebellion that does not care who likes the message or opposes it. For all the tricks the band pulls out of their hat to show fans all sides of the band, there is no denying Halliburton should have been on modern radio getting buzz and airplay. It is too good to have gone un-noticed. Those familiar with the Nerd Table sound, will love this ep. Those not familiar, will shit themselves that they did not find out about them before now. The riffs, Dale of the Melvins on guitar and vocals, Casto just sharing his feelings and opening himself up for either a lot of debate or a lot of praise has to be mentioned. Adam shines on this cd, and I feel bands like The Clash, the Stooges, Dead Kennedys, and etc would be proud of this cd and the message and passion behind it. Fans, this cd is beyond a must. If you thought the first Rage Against the Machine cd was special, this cd is the second coming. If you live in Columbus Ohio, I know they are regularly playing shows, and you should check them out. The rest of the world the info is down below, if you are into music and want something with some passion and thought into may dig this a lot.

  • Thanks James! Awesome review!