Movie Review – Respire (2009)

Movie Review - Respire (2009)Available on DVD: February 2011

Director: David A. Cross
Writer: David A. Cross (screenplay)
Starring: Tracey Teague, Mat Wright, Vince Eustace, Jessica Keeler, Ellie Torrez

Synopsis: The Ancient Romans believed that the soul escaped one’s body with the last breath. It was believed that last breath held the power to cure disease and prolong life. In 1930’s, Dr. Robert Kaminsky devoted his life to finding out how to harness the power in the last breath. Susan Jordan owns a local novelty shop. One item in her shop, an antique box once owned by Doctor Kaminsky, draws the interest of two men: Raif Collins who hopes its contents can save his dying sister, and Alex Poe whose motives are more mysterious. Susan quickly finds herself in a perilous struggle to protect the box and the secrets that it holds.

First off, I would like to thank MTI Home Video for getting this screener over to me. If it was not for them, I may have never heard about this one.

Independent Horror is really hit or miss, with a lot more misses than hits. When you get an Independent Horror movie that has quality aspects to it, you tend to enjoy it that much more. For the most part, I would put Respire as a film that I quite enjoyed. For an independent film, it has very nice production quality to it. Yes, you can still tell that it is a low budget movie, but you can also tell that there is something more to the production team of this movie.

I am new to David A. Cross’ work. This was his first film that I had a chance to view and I am glad that I got the chance to see it. For the first 45 minutes of the movie, you are introduced to a few characters. The character development is done very well and you generally feel for the characters one way or another. There are no wasted scenes, nor wasted dialogue. The story is quite interesting and the development of the story is done well.

With all of the praise that I will give the beginning of the film, I was not sold on the last half of the movie. It was not horrible, but sort of took away from all of the hard work done in the beginning of the movie. Unnecessary scenes start to come into the movie and just some flat out weird happenings occur. Like I said, it was not a horrible way to go, but I would have rather kept going in the same manner as the beginning of the film.

With all of that being said, I think that most people that view this movie, assuming that they are well-versed in Independent Horror, will see the pluses to the movie and will appreciate it.

  • what is the tittle of the soundtrack when susan is scketching the building..?

  • coco

    what is the tittle of song when Susan is sketching a building.. i like that song

  • pierre

    I think it is a GREAT movie, I like it a lot and I hope there will be more movies like this, Im a spanish speaker so…. La pelicula es genial, me encanta el comienzo, la parte media y el fin!!! espero ver la proxima del escritor y director de esta, David A. Cross, you are amazing. I have a question, what is the name of the music when Susan is going crazy painting a building? I wanna hear that song again, is there a soundtrack?

  • Thank you. Thank you for the comments and for the film. I wish as had half as much talent and could direct something, but the fear of failure is probably my biggest stopping point. Seeing others that are doing it, and doing it well, brings a smile to my face.

  • David A. Cross

    I know I’m not really supposed to do this (I wrote and directed the film) but I just wanted to thank you guys for the honest reviews of the film and actually articulating what works and what doesn’t. If all I hear is “It sucks”, (*cough*IMDB*cough*)there’s not much I can do to improve in future films and that’s my goal. Thanks again and I’ll be interested to hear what you have to say about the next one. And I agree, James, MTI are awesome.

  • MTI are awesome. Ed and crew always look out for me. The movie is hit and miss. I love the beginning going from the 30’s to present day. I loved the first hour of the film. And like you the last 30 minutes, felt forced. Not so much, the outbreak. But, all the secondary characters and just pacing of them. They did not build them up enough to care, who really was good or bad. You are like, ok. I thought they should have stuck with the route the first hour built. Even when they found the other viles, and the secrets of them. And Susan’s changes. The last ten minutes seemed like The Crazies and to me it worked sort of, in the killings being cool..but the explanation was lame. I would recommend it, I did not hate it. I think if I watch it again I may like it more now i know the flaws.

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