Metal Review – Withering Soul – No Closure (2011)

Metal Review - Withering Soul - No ClosureGenre(s)
Black/Gothic Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (now)

Lyrical theme(s)
Ghosts, the Paranormal, Horror

Current Line-up
Mykil – Vocals
Krystofer – Guitar, Keyboards
William – Bass
Marek – Drums

Withering Soul is a Melodic Black Metal band formed in 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. After two EPs, their debut full-length release, Apparitions of the Surreal, did not hit the shelves until 2004. Since then, we have not heard much from Withering Soul… until now. March 8, 2011 marks the release of the long-awaited sophomore effort from Withering Soul, entitled No Closure.

I went into this album with no pre-conceived notions about their music. I have not listened to them in a couple of years now, so I barely remembered anything about them anyway. You have to take the term Black Metal with a grain of salt when you are discussing a band from the U.S. True Black Metal could never come from the U.S., could it?

To answer that question simply, I would say no, but Withering Soul is bringing us a Melodic Black Metal brand link no other these days. I can truly say that without hesitation.

No Closure is filled with a ton of atmosphere, intense blastbeats, solid vocals and riff after riff after riff of bone-crunching guitars. There is no weak links in No Closure. Each song comes right at you like a freight train with no let-up through the entire length of the album.

Some of the immediate standouts are Possession Of Deception (Part 2), The Sequitor and Phantasmal Chaos Divinity, although they each sound distinct from each other. Possession Of Deception (Part 2) is much more in your face, while The Sequitor is very melodic throughout the majority of the song. That shows the variety that Withering Soul can bring to the table.

Night of the Revenant and Requiem of Sorrow are two atmospheric instrumentals included in the album. Night of the Revenant sets the table with some beautiful keyboard work while A Requiem Of Sorrow tidies up the entire album with more beautiful keyword with some bass accompaniment.

I can honestly say that I am all-in for their next release and I will be there any time that I can see Withering Soul play live. This is a band that I am very interested in watching grow.

No Closure Track Listing
1.    Night of the Revenant
2.    Phantasmal Chaos Divinity
3.    The Sequitor
4.    Tides of the Accursed
5.    Possession of Deception – Part II
6.    Sadistic Redress
7.    Manifest Transparency
8.    Lifeless They Lie
9.    Unquiet
10.    Requiem of Sorrow

Withering Soul