Metal Review – Vreid V (2011)

Metal Review - Vreid V (2011)Vreid is a Black Metal band that was formed after Windir broke up, following the death of lead singer and founder Valfar. The band was formed in 2004 by three former Windir members and a new guitarist; Ese. Translated from Norwegian into English, Vreid’s name means “Wrath”.

Current members:
* Hvàll (Jarle KvÃ¥le) – bass
* Steingrim (Jørn Holen) – drums
* Sture (Sture Dingsøyr) – vocals, guitar
* Strom (Stian Bakketeig) – guitar

From the ashes of Windir, we now have Vreid and 2011 brings us the release of V, which, as expected, is their fifth full-length release. I have been saying it since the release of 2009’s Milorg. If this album is even half as good, we are in for a real treat. Vreid is just a solid metal band and one of the bands that I look forward to hearing more from.

While they are classified as Black Metal by most, I would venture to say that Vreid’s sound is closer to a Melodic Death Metal, or at least a second cousin to it. They so straddle across multiple subgenres of metal, but I would say that the vocals are very Black Metal inspired. They also have a lot of Thrash Metal riffs and even some nods to Classic Metal and perhaps even Classic Rock.

Just from the start of V, we are treated to one of the best songs on the album, Arche. This is an epic song, even though it comes in at under 7 minutes. Between the tempo changes and the pure power demonstrated on Arche, this makes for an amazing track. Hearkening back to classic Windir, there is a very solid solo in the song as well.

The second track, The Blood Eagle, is another good one. This demonstrates more tempo changes. When the tempo changes during the verse, you are treated to something really nice there. You cannot help but get into this song. Another track that I am in love with is The Sound of the River. This is a very uptempo song while also offering some very melodic, mellow parts. The track Fire on the Mountain is just one massive Thrash Metal riff after another. This is riff heaven at its best. You almost feel like you are listening to classic Thrash Metal with all of the riffwork going on.

Overall, the album is everything that I had hoped for, so whether you are into Black Metal or Melodic Death Metal, this will be an album that you will regret not picking up.

Metal Review – Vreid V (2011)

Vreid – V track listing:
01. Arche
02. The Blood Eagle
03. Wolverine Bastards
04. The Sound Of The River
05. Fire On The Mountain
06. The Others & The Look
07. Slave
08. Welcome To The Asylum
09. Then We Die