Metal Review – Turisas – Stand Up and Fight (2011)

Metal Review - Turisas - Stand Up and Fight (2011)From Turisas debut CD, Battle Metal, this Viking Metal band has struck a chord with a lot of people that I know. Stylistically it was really like nothing we had ever heard before. Mixing over the top orchestrations into their blend of metal, everything just came together right. Their music is just fun. This is music that you could play at a party and we could all sit around chanting the lyrics and battering our beer-filled steins together having a blast.

Disclaimer – I am not the biggest fan of Folk Metal / Symphonic Metal. There are only a handful of bands that I can tolerate in this subgenre of metal. A lot of times, bands tend to go over the top for the sake of going over the top and put the sound before the song. They write over the top orchestrations and then write the song around these orchestrations. Turisas, to me, are not like that. They are a tight band with great melodies and even better vocals.

With the release of Stand Up and Fight, Turisas are back with their unique blend of storytelling and musical drama that not many bands can bring to the table. Stand Up And Fight features real string and horn sections played by some of the best Finnish classical musicians on top of the already solid musicianship of the Turisas members. The song hearken back to epic battles and viking tales and make us want to take part in these epic tales.

From the opening track, “The March Of The Varangian Guard,” you are greeted the orchestrations that you are used to from Turisas. The second track, “Take The Day!,” may just be my favorite track on the album. It has a chorus that will leave you chanting it for the rest of the day. “Hunting Pirates” is ridiculous catchy as well. “Venetoi! – Prasinoi!” is a stupendous quasi-instrumental that pretty much sums up Turisas’ sound in under four minutes. “Stand Up And Fight,” the title track is another amazing song with another catchy chorus.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the cover of the Black Sabbath classic Supernaut on the bonus CD. I will say this – you will either love it or hate it. Black Sabbath is one of my favorite bands, but I have to say that I still love this version of the song. It is just fun and something only Turisas could do.

All in all, there is not a dull moment on this CD and I would put this one up there with their other CDs, although I have not got many listens out of it yet. I know that I will get many more though.

Stand Up and Fight Track Listing
1. The March of the Varangian Guard
2. Take the Day!
3. Hunting Pirates
4. Venetoi! – Prasinoi!
5. Stand Up and Fight
6. The Great Escape
7. Fear the Fear
8. End of an Empire
9. The Bosphorus Freezes Over

Bonus CD
1. Broadsword
2. Supernaut

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