Metal Review – Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death (2011)

Metal Review - Nekromantheon - Divinity of Death (2010)Vendlus Records sent this promo over, so of course, as I do with all of the promos that I receive, I give it a listen to see if it might be something special. I went in not knowing anything about the band and I came out liking what Nekromantheon did with their debut release, Divinity of Death. I did a little research to find out that Nekromantheon is a Norwegian Thrash Metal band. That put that warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly since I have a bunch of Metal friends in Norway and it seems like Norway is making a full-on Thrash resurgence, and like I always say, everyone needs a little Thrash in their lives.

Nekromantheon has not had much exposure, though they did issue an EP in 2007, as well as a split release in 2008 with the Japanese act, Abigail.

Listening to this record, it makes me wonder why there are not more bands doing it the right way like this. Too many bands in the Thrash Metal subgenre are all trying to do the same thing, but are doing it unsuccessfully. Nekromantheon is like taking a ride in a time machine to listen to classic Slayer (Show No Mercy era) mixed with some Kreator, Dark Angel and Venom. This is not to say that it is a direct copy, but it does take a lot of influence from bands of that ilk. With riff after riff of classic Thrash blended with vocals that have no problem carrying the weight of the music, I feel like someone finally got it right.

From the cover of the album, I originally thought this was a Black Metal release, hence a lot of early confusion. I almost gave up on this album after the first track, Gringo Death. I was not a fan of it. I am not trying to be a music snob, but I get a lot of promos sent my way. Some are so unpleasant to listen to that I never make it past the first track. This is not to say that Gringo Death is a bad song, but it sounded like old, rehashed Thrash with no originality. After the introduction though, we are treated to a bunch of really nice Thrash Metal gems with songs such as “Cry Havoc”, “Divinity of Death”, “Devolutionary Storms” and many more very solid songs.

Musically, the album is intense from start to finish. The production on the recording is done very well. The sound is still somewhat raw, but still clearly enhanced from the recordings that obviously inspired Nekromantheon. I would give this one a double set of horns and hope that Thrash Metal fans out there will really give this one a chance.

Track Listing
1.    Gringo Death    04:13
2.    The Point of No Return    02:53
3.    Cry Havoc    02:53
4.    Divinity of Death    03:12
5.    Lex Talionis    00:42
6.    Devolutionary Storms    03:15
7.    Tortured in Tartaros    01:49
8.    Further Beyond    02:12
9.    Acid Visions    01:34
10.    Psyanide    03:59
11.    Alcoholy Terror    02:35

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