Metal Review: Made of Hate – Pathogen (2010)

Metal Review: Made of Hate - Pathogen (2010)Made of Hate is a Polish Melodic Death Metal band transformed from the band called Archeon. Pathogen is Made of Hate’s second full-length release after the debut of Bullet In Your Head in 2008. Pathogen marks a change in the band’s ranks. Radek Polrolniczak moves from rhythm guitar to lead vocals, and Michal Kostrzynski, whilst continuing lead guitar and all songwriting duties, steps into the backing vocal slot.

Made of Hate takes a lot of inspiration from Children of Bodom, which is not a bad thing at all. Children of Bodom is an amazing band, but for the most part, when a band becomes a clone of another band, they can only achieve limited success anyway. I can say that I quite enjoy Pathogen quite a bit, but the main detractor is the vocals. After a vocal change, you would assume that the reasoning would be that they were improving on vocals. The vocals on this release is pretty much just as bad as the debut album.

Vocals aside, Made of Hate’s musicianship is very accomplished. From the outset, the powerful guitar riffs come right at you on the opening track, “Friend”. Songs like “Russian Roulette”, have solid solos which stand out from the songs themselves. Songs like “You, Departed,” though are a tough listen. The vocals are even worse on a few tracks.

Track List
01. Friend
02. Russian Roulette
03. You, Departed
04. I Can’t Believe
05. Lock’n’Load
06. Pathogen
07. False Flag
08. Questions

Current Line-up
Michal Kostrzynski – guitar, vocals
Radek Polrolniczak – guitar
Jarek Kajszczak – bass
Tomek Grochowski – drums