Metal Review – Deicide – To Hell With God (2011)

Metal Review - Deicide - To Hell With God (2011)Deicide is a legendary Death Metal band probably best known for their earlier releases and their Satanic / Anti-Christian themes and imagery. Deicide’s sound has dramatically changed within their past few releases due to line-up changes and the departure of the Hoffman brothers. Deicide, along with Morbid Angel and Obituary, put the Florida Death Metal scene squarely on the map in the 90’s. That said, they have been wildly inconsistent in terms of quality studio output.

“To Hell With God” is Deicide’s 10th studio album and features a more polished modern Death Metal sound than we are accustomed to hearing from them. Glen Benton is in rare form on this release and is just nailing the vocals, whether it is the gutterals or the screams.

Coming in at only 35 minutes is a detriment to me. I would have easily liked to see a couple more tracks on this release, but the ten tracks that we got are very solid. Songs like “Conviction” and “Witness of Death” seem to stick out the most to be, with “Conviction” being absolutely brutal. This is a full-on aural assault.

Compared to Deicide’s previous effort, “Til Death Do us Part,” “To Hell With God” is more riff-heavy and contains better overall songs. Compared to the classic Deicide album, like “Legion”, there really is no comparison. While Deicide’s best days do seem to be behind them, they are easily still a band that I want to hear new material from and which catch live whenever I can. Deicide is very much relevant to this day.

Metal Review - Deicide - To Hell With God (2011)