Horror Review – Haunted Changi (2010)

Horror Review - Haunted Changi (2010)Director: Andrew Lau
Cast: Andrew Lau, Sheena Chung, Farid Azlam, Audi Khalis
Runtime: 1 hr 20 mins

In January of 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the famously haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore with terrifying and tragic results. This movie pieces together the original Haunted Changi film crew’s footage to tell the full story.

Old Changi Hospital (OCH), in Singapore, actually has been the center of focus for many paranormal investigators, both local and international. Many of the stories originate from the fact that it was originally the headquarters of the Japanese military during World War 2. Many POWs were executed around the Changi area and rumours circulated there were many horrific torture chambers and bloody executions at the hospital itself.

Making a movie at this location was a brilliant decision. Making a documentary-style film at this location would probably be the right route to take as well. The main concern at this point would be that the two most popular films in this subgenre of horror, The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2009), almost have that market cornered. At this point, any similarly styled film would seem like more of a copy than anything original.

Overall, I would say that the cast was selected very well the Singapore Horror film Haunted Changi. Their chemistry was wonderful and no one stood out as a detriment to the movie in any way. Sheena Chung played an exceptional role. She was an easy standout. The rest of the charaters did a fine job as well.

Of course, the location selection was spot on by using the Old Changi Hospital. The look of the hospital is enough to unsettle someone. Old Changi Hospital in Singapore is one of the most notoriously haunted places in the world with many stories and urban legends.

While I admired the location and a lot of the shooting techniques used, the true gem of the movie lies within the editing. You can see some expert skill that was used to edit this movie and the footage that they were presenting. Going back to view some the previous footage raises some chills in your spine.

Another standout to the film was the level of suspense. As the movie went out, I was so in tune to what was going to happen next. This is not something that I feel to often while watching a film, so that says something special about the film in itself.

While the film could have had some more scares for the average genre fan, it had a few jump scares, but survived on the suspense presented throughout the film. I would highly suggest this film to genre fans without any reservation.

If you have seen this movie, post your thoughts.

  • jacinta lum

    did andrew really died? is he real? sio juan is a spirit isnt she?