Video Tutorial – How to Create a Podcast With Audacity

I get asked this question a lot, so I have created a simple little video that can help people get their own podcast made. Hopefully this help. Comment and rate the video if you would like.

If you have more suggestions for video tutorials, let me know. I have more planned, but I want to do the ones that you all want to see.

  • Thanks. I will have to write something up about uni-directional and multi-directional mics. That always screws people up. Great idea.

  • Actually, you are the podcasting rock star my friend.

  • vaughn

    mike is the fucking man.

  • Excellent, brief summary. Great info on what you need to get started. I’m definitely looking forward to catching more of these tutorials. For example: You mention you use a Blue Snowball mic – what do you need to look for in a mic, what’s affordable and what will produce the best sound?

    Thanks for you efforts, this is a fantastic addition to your site.