Top Ten List – Misfitboy’s Top 10 Horror Films

Here is a new feature that I want to start working on. I want to get friends’ top 10 whatever lists and feature them on this blog. Then, I want to talk about my feelings on their list, but not so much where I feel they are right or wrong. That would be presumptuous, egotistical and silly to say the least. I will just go through the lists and basically get to reminisce about these films.

Face it, we all love top ten lists. They are food for the brain and remind us of movies that we have not thought about in years. Sometimes, we might even find a film that we have never seen.

In no way, will these features be a way to trash people’s opinions. I will never get that way of thinking. If someone chooses to like a movie that I did not, it actually makes me jealous that they got pleasure out of it. It also makes me think that I did not give the movie its fair shake. I find it silly when people say that a movie cannot be liked by anyone since they did not like it.

Without further ado, let’s talk about Misfitboy. Now, here is an awesome dude. He is part of the Witch’s Hat Podcast. If you have not listened to them, stop reading right now and check out the blog at I rarely give such high praise, so you know that I mean it here. Between the blog and the site, you can get a massive fill of horror goodies. And Misfitboy himself is someone that I have respected for a while before ever talking to him from hearing his segments on other podcasts. This guy knows his stuff and I know that he shared the same love for The Twilight Zone that I do.

After the post, I will have my little rant on some of the titles mentioned.

So, here is Misfitboy.

OK, My list may differ from others due to the fact that “zombies” & “infection films” are my drug of choice, so here goes!

10. American Psycho – “Die Yuppie Scum”!

09. Silence of the Lambs – I would love to see Hannibal on “the iron chef”.

08. 28 days latter – Or “The great zombie debate”. Sorry, not zombiesL

07. Shaun of the dead – Slackers vs. Zombies, or everyday life.

06. Re-Animator – The tag-line should read, “don’t lose your head, but if you do, you have Barbra Crampton tied to a Gurnee! Who wouldn’t want that!

05. Dawn of the dead ‘04’ – If the 1st. 15 minutes didn’t scare the hell outta ya, you are desensitized by horror films.

04. Zombie 2 – Italian gore at it’s best By Fulci!!!!

03. Cannibal Holocaust – Animals are a delicacy in ever country. Also, the woman that had the stone driven into her Ya know. Was she a whore or just real talented!

02. Dawn of the dead ‘78’ – Zombies, head-explosions, decapitated zombies, A Mall, & a biker who cares about his blood pressure.

01. Night Of The Living Dead ’68’ – Romero’s nightmare, No, the film, not the copyright garbage he could have made a fortune on!

Honorable mentions:

The shining

The evil dead films

Trilogy of terror

Brain damage

Day of the dead – orig.


Return of the living dead

White zombie

The decent


Once again, I would love to thank Misfitboy for rocking. As far as his list goes, look at some of these titles. Wow. There is some serious big names being dropped here.

I would have to say that I would imagine that this top ten list would actually probably be the closest to my top ten list that I would ever see. It makes me feel like I am not completely nuts. Lots of Romero love going on here. Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead and an honorable mention for Day of the Dead. I love seeing that. Side note – Fulci rules.

I especially love seeing much love being given to Re-Animator and Shaun of the Dead – both amazing films. 28 days latter – agreed, not zombies. Infected are infected and zombies are zombies. There should be no debate. I should have figured that Psycho would be on the list somewhere in here too. Knowing that Misfitboy love The Twilight Zone, I figured to see Psycho. Do not ask me why, but every time I watch a Twilight Zone episode, I feel like watching Psycho. Hitchcock was a genius and I have yet to see anyone who could match the suspense that he could put into a film.

Of course, movies near and dear to me are Jaws because of it being one of my first horror films and The Descent for making me crap my pants a few times.

Great list my friend. And if anyone else wants to get their list up here, contact me and send it on over. I would love to take a look at it and post it up.