Movie Review – Visitors (2003)

Visitors ReviewVisitors (2003)

Director: Richard Franklin
Writer: Everett De Roche
Stars: Radha Mitchell, Susannah York, Ray Barrett, Dominic Purcell, Tottie Goldsmith

Synopsis: After six month at sea on a solo trip around the world, Georgia Perry’s 44-foot sail boat sits idle with no wind in her sails for several days. Cabin fever sets in and the border between fact and fantasy begins to trickle away. Are uninvited visitors bordering the vessel, or is her mind deceiving her? But if these are just tricks in her imagination, how do these ghostly encounters leave Georgia with bruises? If the visitors are real, is there a bigger danger…?

Richard Franklin has directed some films that I highly admire, Psycho II (1983), Cloak & Dagger (1984) and Patrick (1978). This Australian film, released in late 2003, is a psychological thriller depicting the star, Radha Mitchell as Georgia Perry on her solo voyage around the world. As cabin fever sets in and Georgia goes through her personal demons, we are treated to some nice visuals and solid storytelling.

This movie was pretty much a given for me to see based on the director’s previous work and Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black). Radha Mitchell (Pitch Black) turns in an extraordinary performance as she battles her own demons and we struggle to figure out what is real and what is merely a hallucination. Her hallucinations are vivid and do have the viewer worrying for her safety.

While not perfect, this is a solid movie that I feel comfortable recommending to people who enjoy movies that keep you guessing what is going on. At times, the movie was a little muddled and could have tied up loose ends a little better. Also, I am not a big fan of the end of the movie, but I am not a hater of it either. It was just not how I would have ended the film. There were also too many time changes and memories. Those sections could have been slimmed down a little and would have kept the coherency of the movie a little more intact.

With those few complaints aside, I would say that Visitors is well worth you 90 minutes and will leave you thinking about the movie afterwards.