Movie Review – The Green Hornet (2011)

The Green Hornet ReviewThe days of comedic actors being cast as comic book heroes have come a long way. Years ago, there was an outrage when Michael Keaton was cast as the Batman. That ended up turning out just fine. I will admit that I have questioned plenty of roles that were casted in recent years, and Seth Rogen being cast as The Green Hornet was no different. This was a very questionable casting.

Then, this film was destined to fail due to all of the chaos during the making of the film. Seth Rogen was not only slated to star as the hero, he was also writing the script at the time. Stephen Chow (director of Kung Fu Hustle) was set to play the role of Kato (the sidekick), and then came word that Chow would be directing as well. A few months passed and Chow was taken away from the director’s chair due to creative differences, but he would still play Kato. A few more weeks pass and Chow bowed out of the project completely. Jay Chou finally was cast as Kato.

Fast forward to present day and The Green Hornet finally gets released to a lukewarm reception by the public although it did come in first for the weekend bringing in $33,7M.

Now, actually on to the film. In my humble opinion, there is much to like about this film and much to not like. Chudnofsky, played by Christoph Waltz (who was amazing in Inglourious Basterds), was once again, amazing. Christoph Waltz is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Seth Rogen was not as bad as I would have thought that he would be in this film. He is, of course, entertaining, but sometimes, he gets to the point of downright annoying. Jay Chou, as Kato, plays a great role.

Outside of the main characters, there were a few other roles that I expected more from, namely Edward James Olmos and Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz is a great actress that acts in some unbearable movies, but she is very entertaining when she is in a movie that I can stand to watch. Edward James Olmos is an amazing actor, but he is completely underutilized in this film.

I have to say, Green Hornet started out on a very high note and kept it up for about 30 minutes, but did begin to go downhill after that point. That is not to say that the film was horrible, but when you set a bar so high for a film, you tend to look down on it when it lets you down.

Outside of a few great performances, the movie was very watchable, but could have lost about 20 minutes without the viewer noticing in any way. It was highly entertaining in a lot of scenes, but downright obnoxious in others. As the movie ran on, Seth Rogen did wear on my nerves making the movie a little tough to watch.

Overall, the movie was entertaining and I am glad that I watched it, but I cannot see myself watching it again. I cannot see this film ultimately proving memorable enough to launch a new film franchise out of.

For what it is worth, I did see the 2D version, so I am not sure if the 3D version actually added anything to the film, but from my understanding, it did not.

The Green Hornet Review

The Green Hornet Review

The Green Hornet Review

  • In a way, I think that they failed on so many levels, but not where I expected them to fill. Just really odd.

  • This movie was stupid and silly, but it was fun. I enjoyed the chemistry between Rogen and Chou. And the car, Black Beauty, was tricked out awesome. Crappy move though.

  • Thanks for the comment. I was very skeptical too. Ryan Renolds is doing the Green Lantern, but this review was about The Green Hornet. I am very much looking forward to Green Lantern.

  • A Crawford

    I am skeptical of this on so many levels… I had heard that Ryan Renolds was doing this role, and I was excited to see it, he really has the right mix of solid acting and comedic timing I feel is required for this project. I just cannot see Seth Rogen as The Green Lantern at all. But that being said, I will still go and spend $10 to find out…