Metal Review – Balfor – Barbaric Blood (2010)

Balfor - Barbaric BloodBalfor is a Ukraine band that has been around since 1997, but it was only recently that they signed onto Pulverised Records and finally release their debut full length, Barbaric Blood, 13 years after their formation. You would think that a band with that sort of history was destined to fail, but if their debut full release is a testament that they want to succeed. With Black Metal layers mixed with Melodic Death Metal riffs and Symphonic Metal tendencies, Barbaric Blood is a pretty solid release. I am not going as far as to say that it made my top ten of 2010, but 2010 was a rare year for metal where there was an abundance of exceptional releases. I will say that it just missed my top ten by a little.

Fans of Balfor, please note that if you are already familiar with the “Pure Barbaric” demo and “The Perfect Fire”, then you will only be getting 4 new tracks on this record. Is you are new to Balfor, then this is all new material.

In comparison to other Symphonic Metal bands, I will take Thorgeir’s vocals any day over bands such as Dimmu Borgir. There is a lot of power behind the vocals. In regards to the riffwork, it is outstanding. The melodic fills are everywhere, but the riffs are heavy and as in your face as the vocals are. From songs such as Behold My Hate! and In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory, the riffs come hard and never relent.

Here is some information from Pulverised Records’ page:

Ukrainian Black Metal darklords BALFOR embodies a display of dazzling musicianship and powerhouse production with their maiden-masterpiece “Barbaric Blood”. Delving deep into the realms of coherent Death and Thrash influences, “Barbaric Blood” develops into an overall forlorn Black-drenched atmosphere and the brilliant orchestration of every track on the album is clearly evident that BALFOR are pure masters of their craft and the undying funeral fire is born again with barbaric hate!

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Blacklight Studio (Semargl, Khors, Deferum Sacrum, etc), with the captivating album artwork and layout by Martin Saavedra at Uruguay’s Spina Studio (Aborted, Daath, Divinity, etc).

1. From The Ashes (…The Beginning)
2. Behold My Hate!
3. Shadow Of My Raven Wings
4. In A Thunder Of Ancient Glory
5. Pure Barbaric
6. Light’s Demise
7. Kingdom’s Blood
8. Voices Of Wilderness
9. The Perfect Fire