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Sleepaway Camp 3I know it’s fun to do “Top 10 ___________ Movies” lists, but for my Top 10, I thought I’d do something a little more focused and specific. I love the Sleepaway Camp series and actually find that I am in the minority due to the fact that I enjoy the first two sequels more than the original. I just think they are classic examples of fun, 80s slashers. (I wasn’t really into the “Return” that came out a couple of years ago.)

For my Top 10 list, I will discuss my favorite 10 kills by Angela Baker in Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland. In this movie, Angela must pose as a camper to get the perfect camp experience, a departure from Part II when she was a counselor. As a counselor, she had access to better weapons and her abandoned cabin where she stashed the bodies. In this movie, however, she must be creative and has limited access to decent killing devices.

10. Syringes – What a great end to this series. As Angela is being transported in the ambulance, the medics realize she is still alive. We get one last double-kill (with syringes to the stomach and eye) and are still waiting for a “Pamela Springsteen as Angela” sequel.

9. Burned in tent – This guy wakes up to see his friend killed and then hears Angela say, “Batter up!” She clubs him in the head with a large stick, drags his body into a tent, which she then sets on fire.

8. Decapitation – Angela has this down. The best way to chop someone’s head off is to first kick them into a tent and then wait for them to crawl out.

7. Dump truck – In order to attend this camp, Angela must first steal someone’s identity. Good thing there’s a girl who kinda looks like Angela roaming the streets of New York, waiting for the van to come take her to camp! Two minutes after the movie starts, Angela is chasing this girl in the alley with a dumptruck and smashes her into a trash pile.

6. Axes to chests – In a classic camp activity, Angela ties three campers together for a game. They must find a girl within two minutes or they all die. Of course, when they find the girl with seconds to spare, two axes swing down and kill two of the campers, leaving only the one in the middle alive. This is years before Saw!

5. Flagpole drop – This girl was being mean to Angela the entire time, which is fine with me. That’s because I enjoyed seeing Angela blindfold her, hook her to a flagpole, raise her to the top, and then drop her down.

4. Firecracker – If you continuously throw firecrackers at Angela Baker, just go ahead and expect to wake up with a lit firecracker in your nose.

3. Arms ripped off via Jeep – This is the guy who told Angela he liked to be tied up. So of course, she ties his arms around a tree, with the other end of the rope attached to a Jeep. Jeep beats arms.

2. Lawnmower – The lady running the camp sits on her ass all day reading about the cruise she’s going to take with the money she makes from the camp. Meanwhile she bosses the kids around and eats meat while they have to fish for their meals. So I don’t think anyone is sad to see Angela bury her up to her neck in the trash hole and then proceed to run over her head with an old, rusty lawnmower.

1. Tent stake – One of my all time favorite kills. First the guy finds a cassette tape, which he puts into his sweet boombox and is treated to an Angela Baker RAP SONG. The rap, of course, is about her and how bad-ass she is and how he is about to die due to her bad-ass-ness. He tries to crawl out of his tent and is greeted with a tent stake being driven into his hand. As he retreats back into his tent, Angela picks up a large stick and beats on the tent and her victim. Finally, one last tent stake is hammered in, ending this glorious kill.

Honorable Mention: I typically hate gun kills in horror movies. But I have to mention that my favorite gun kill in a horror movie takes place here. When the police officer realizes Angela’s true identity, he runs through all of her murder weapons from Sleepaway Camp II, asking her what she will use to kill him. “A drill? A knife?” “No, a gun.” If you’re a slasher and you want to shoot someone for a change, that’s how you do it.

Note: This was a lot of fun. On our blog, we limit ourselves to 100 words for reviews. This gave me a chance to say a little more about one of my favorite movies. Thanks to Mike for the opportunity!

Well, thank you Mike. Great to have your thoughts on this blog as well. I will concur that the first two sequels rocked. If the original movie was not a horror film from my early childhood, I might have to agree with you, but the original Sleepaway Camp means a lot to me.

I will say that I like the Angela from the sequels more though. Sleepaway Camp 3 was a hell of a good time with some great kills thrown in there. They did pretty much define what 80’s Horror was supposed to fun – campy and fun. I wish more films followed this format.

Sleepaway Camp 3