Bart’s Top Ten Movie List

Here is a list from a Facebook friend of mine, Bart. This guy rocks although he seems to not appreciate the genius that is Christmas Evil. LOL

After this list, I will give some of my thoughts on these films. If you want to send your list in, please do. I love to post these top ten lists from people.

10. 28 Days Later
9. The Devil’s Rejects
8. Cannibal Holocaust
7. A Nightmare on Elm Street
6. I Spit on Your Grave
5. Friday the 13th – Part 2
4. Hellraiser
3. The Exorcist
2. The Evil Dead
1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Thanks again to Bart for taking the time to do his list. A lot of interesting titles on here. I know that a lot of these titles would also make my list as well – The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th – Part 2. Most of the others are not far off from my top ten list. As I mentioned before, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a true classic with so many memorables scenes that no one can possibly ignore what it has done for horror and cinema in general. Hellraiser is a brilliant film that I used to absolutely love, but it has been knocked down on my list a little. I still love it though. I just enjoy it a little less than I used to.

The Devil’s Rejects is an awesome movie, but I always go back and forth on whether I enjoy The Devil’s Rejects or House of 1,000 Corpses more. They are both amazing films. I know that Rob Zombie takes a lot of heat for what he his films, but I am not sure why. He does deliver solid horror movies. The minute he makes a bad movie, I will say that it is a bad movie, but up to this point, his resume is pretty solid.

Of course, I love seeing some love shown for I Spit on Your Grave. That movie is just a great movie. I can never watch the rape scene again, but after that point of the movie, it becomes one hell of a great movie. This is not a film that I watch a lot, but it is a film that I highly admire.

Last, but certainly not least, seeing love for my man Jason Voorhees, is always sweet. When I think slashers, I think of Jason and Michael – plain and simple. What Friday the 13th did for slasher movies is amazing. Of course, it spawned a ton of awesome copycat films, but the Friday the 13th franchise, for the most part, is very solid, and at the very least, fun as hell to watch with a group of friends.

Like I mentioned before, if you want to get your list over to me, please do. I would love to post it.