Music Review-Crayven-All the Sordid Details

Lisa Oster (Vocals, Violin), Gernot Knippen (Guitar, Synthesizer), Cherry Ann Reclusado (Bass), Christoph Brandes (Drums) Review-Crayven are one of those bands that come out of nowhere that just gets it. One thing is for sure, whether you like this band or not, you will not be able to deny that this band is catchy and

Music Review-Magenta-Songs for the Dead

Review-Magenta are a duo consisting of Vilde Lockert on Vocals and Anders Odden on everything else. Listening to this record you would assume that these two were destined to meet and put out music. This band has been around since the mid 90’s and seems to really make music that feels honest, heartfelt and most

Movie Review-Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Review-A show of hands, who misses New World Video and what they meant to the video store experience? To see all these companies today putting out the old New World Video films on blu ray, I am as a fan stoked. Can we maybe get a Night Patrol blu ray? Tuff Turf (one of James

Movie Review-Suture

Review-Suture is a film that I feel is going to split its audience down the middle. While some may really get behind the look and atmosphere of the film. Others will want more depth and story. To lay down the plot for this film is sort of hard for me, there really is not much

Movie Review-Hotel Inferno

Review-Let’s be honest, today’s moviegoer does not have a clue on what is entertaining. They go to movies just to say they went or to go on social media to either bitch or spoil the film. Harcore Henry could be the best example of a film that shows how far the theater experience has fallen.

Contest Time Again…Enter to win a blu ray of Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

The fine and lovely folks at Well Go USA have given me a few blu rays to give away. The rules are simple, just email me at and if you are one of the first ones to send a email, yo will win. I have two copies so be fast. If you do not

Movie Review-Blood on the Reel

Review-Indie horror is a very tricky subject. I always wonder if most people are aware of what indie horror truly is. Hollywood would tell you that “ It Follows” is an indie horror film. People believe that Fox Searchlight is an indie studio. No offense to that film or that studio, maybe at one time

Movie Review-Shark Exorcist

Review-How can you hate on a film that mixes sharks with demonic possession? The jokes just write themselves when you think about it. “ We are going to need a bigger church”. “ I am going to turn you into Christian sushi”. Sadly, those two lines were not used in the film. The film opens

Blu Ray Review-Circus of Fear / Five Golden Dragons

Review-I was so curious about Circus of Fear. It is one of the rare Christopher Lee films that I missed out on early in my life and felt the need to watch it. I love the circus environment and feel it works so well for horror when it is laid out properly. The possibilites are

Movie Review- Just Desserts: The Making Of “Creepshow”

Review-I have to admit, I am a sucker for documentaries. Horror documentaries in the last decade have really shined. I knew this documentary existed long before this year, but this is the first time I can admit I have seen it, and I clearly was blown away by how fun it is. The Creepshow documentary

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