Music Review-Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove: Under the Covers

1. Ode To Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry) 2. Breakdown (Tom Petty) 3. A Thousand Miles Of Bad Road (Aaron Lee Tasjan) 4. Blaze of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi) 5. Red, White and Pink Slip Blues (Bud Tower, Mark Stephen Jones) 6. Midnight Rider (Gregg Allman, Robert Payne) 7. The Spy (Jim Morrison) 8. I Want

Movie Review-Resident Evil: Vendetta [Blu-ray]

Review-The last “ Resident Evil” feature film, I really dug. I felt that it was the best film since part 2. It seems that when the film wants to reinvent itself, it always seems to fail. When the film wants to tell a basic story and deliver on action, it succeeds. That is also true

Movie Review-Death Rot (DVD)

Review-Let’s be honest for a second. With a title like “ Death Rot” and the artwork on the cover, you know this film is not going for an Oscar. This film is only out for one goal, to entertain the viewer. Does this film do it? I feel as a film fan first and a

Movie Review-Bag Boy Lover Boy (Blu-ray)

Review-I have to admit for this review, the fan in me will overshadow the critic. 3 years ago, I heard so much hype about this little film called “ Bag Boy Lover Boy”. I spoke to the director and at the time he was telling me the film was close to being signed and I

Movie Review-Black Butterfly [Blu-ray]

Coming to video on July 25th Review-It seems that Antonio Banderas needs to fire his agent. In the last decade, the only smart career move he has made was to play “ Puss in Boots”. I could see Bruce Willis and John Cusack milking the direct to dvd market. I could even see Nicholas Cage

Movie Review-London Heist (DVD)

Review-When it comes to crime films directed by people who are rooted in television, you can almost assume that it is going to be generic. Most directors who are used to working on television, seem to keep that in their DNA and use it in everything past that experience. This film is another direct to

Movie Review-Kong: Skull Island (BD) [Blu-ray]

Review-For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many critics had such an issue with this film. I have come to the understanding that people these days are not happy in their own skin. They feel like the issue can never be them. It has to be the cd, the musician, the television

Movie Review-Free Fire (Blu Ray)

Coming out this Tuesday Review-I feel “ Free Fire” is under the assumption that it is more fun than it delivers. Sam Riley and Brie Larson give two great performances. This film is like being hungry and eating a candy bar for dinner. The film opens with so much promise and potential. You have the

Movie Reviews-Last Day of School and Electric Apricot

Review-Let us be honest, Troma Films have seen their better days. I am not sure if we should blame this on the debacle that was Astron 6 and “ Father’s Day”. Troma came out of that situation looking not so good in fans eyes. When I speak of the best films by this label, it

TV Review-The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Johnny and Friends (3DVD)

Review-When I talk about people who influenced me. My father is always fast to come to mind. Television and film personalities, Johnny Carson would be number one. Johnny had this dry delivery to his jokes, that his mannerisms sold the joke. This type of physical comedy that the joke was merely the foreplay into the

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