Product Review-Hostel, Hostel II, Hollow Man, Hollow Man 2 – BD 4 Pack [Blu-ray]

Review-After a 4 year absence on our site, Mill Creek has released some new stuff that we are excited about. Horror fans look to Mill Creek, to give them quantity releases at a soft pockets price. Now, some horror fans will bitch and moan. Wait a second, I cannot be serious? Horror fans complaining…that is

Movie Review-IP Man Trilogy: Limited Edition Steelbook Boxset (Blu Ray)

Review-I want to put the Ip man right there with found footage films as a genre that should have stopped or died many years ago. I just feel from the first film, this was going to be a hard franchise. The second one proved my point, but thank god for the third one really living

Guest Music Review-triple dipped orange – jack o’lantern EP -as reviewed by Adam Casto of Nerd Table

If this review sounds good to you, they have their EP on Bandcamp for the low cost of free to check out… This fresh release by Columbus, Ohio’s own triple dipped orange is quite an amazing piece of work. The jack o’lantern EP starts off with “Nyarlathotep”. This song is creepy and has many different

Blu Ray Review- The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (17-Disc Limited Edition Box Set) [Blu-ray + DVD]

LIMITED EDITION CONTENTS: •Fourteen of the Godfather of Gore s finest attractions, newly restored from original and best surviving vault materials: Blood Feast, Scum of the Earth, Two Thousand Maniacs!, Moonshine Mountain, Color Me Blood Red, Something Weird, The Gruesome Twosome, A Taste of Blood, She-Devils on Wheels, Just for the Hell of It, How

TV Review-Hell On Wheels: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes ( Blu Ray)

Review-You have to really give AMC a ton of credit, when HBO, Showtime and stations like ABC, CBS , NBC and FOX seem to always get the praise for original programming, they are really coming out the gates with some awesome shows. Mad Men, The Walking Dead come to mind almost immediately, but Hell on

Mayhem Announces Headlining Tour, To Play Entire Debut Album

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Legendary black metal band Mayhem have announced a North American headlining tour along with Inquisition and Black Anvil. This tour marks the first time in Mayhem’s history where the band will be playing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas in its entirety in North America. Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar stated in regards to the tour: “The first

Rob Zombie’s 31 Gets Home Video Collection This December


Rob Zombie’s 31 (read the 31 review) has a home video release just in time for Christmas arriving on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 20, 2016. The release will include an audio commentary with Rob Zombie and a two-hour behind-the-scenes documentary titled “In Hell Everybody Loves Popcorn: The Making of 31.” Five carnival workers are

Friday the 13th to Film in Spring; Story Details

Friday the 13th

After recent news of the upcoming Friday the 13th being pushed back, Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form have dropped some news on the upcoming Friday the 13th reboot (or remake). Casting will begin in December and shooting will commence in Atlanta in early Spring. Here is what they are saying: In terms

Movie Review-Tales of Poe

Review-Tales of Poe has me torn. Director Alan Rowe Kelly was responsible for a film called, I’ll Bury You Tomorrow. If you have never seen this film, I cannot recommend this film any higher. Director Bart Mastronardi was responsible for the equally impressive, Vindication. That was the film I discovered Raine Brown in. Tales of

Movie Review-SIN (Self Induced Nightmares)

Review-Let’s be honest, the horror genre is a very tricky genre. It seems that the fans and critics are a little easier on big budget horror. (Some may also say, some bloggers and critics are all mouth to ass in terms of softening up their reviews with companies like Shout and the Arrow, to keep

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