Movie Review-The Houses October Built

Review-This is one of my favorite times of the year it is the month of Christmas. What makes this my favorite time of the year is simple; we get a flood of films both at the multiplex and at the home video markets. I discovered a found footage title that may get the attention of

Song of the Week: Iron Maiden: Hallowed Be Thy Name

Iron Maiden: The Number of the Beast

Hallowed Be Thy Name is one of the most celebrated Iron Maiden tracks ever written and has found itself on most of Iron Maiden’s live setlists. It was written by Steve Harris for the classic 1982 release “The Number of the Beast,” which also introduced vocalist Bruce Dickinson. It is one of the most covered

Marilyn Manson Streaming New Track Deep Six

Marilyn Manson: The Pale Emperor

Holy cow. What is this I am hearing? Is this the best song that Marilyn Manson has recorded in quite a few years? Why, yes it is. Of course, that is not saying all that much since he has been recording utter garbage for years. Regardless, this one is worth checking out. Check out the

Metal Review: Gormathon: Following the Beast (2014)

Gormathon: Following the Beast

Sweden’s Gormathon is a melodic death metal borrowing from a few other genres delivering a diverse second album in “Following the Beast” and completely bypassing the notion of the sophomore jinx by any means. Where many bands have failed, Gormathon has used as a strength by honing their sound to its sharpest point. “Following the

Jared Cohn is going to unleash The Horde..your first news

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE HORROR ICONS BRING THE HORDE TO LIFE Renowned horror actors embark on gritty tale of mutant mayhem Featuring Paul Logan (CODE RED, KILLERS) Bill Moseley (HALLOWEEN, THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) Costas Mandylor (the SAW films, BEOWULF) Vernon Wells (COMMANDO, MAD MAX, THE BUTCHER) LOS ANGELES (November 13, 2014) — 313 Films proudly announces

Metal Review: Einherjer: Av oss, for oss (2014)

Einherjer: Av oss, for oss

Haugesund, Norway is home to the viking metal band Einherjer founded in 1993. With 2014, comes the band’s sixth studio album, “Av oss, for oss,” which takes the band’s typical usage of folk and viking metal tendencies and brings forth their most diverse album to date. With Einherjer, you know that you will get an

U.D.O. Video Online For New Track Decadent

U.D.O.: Decadent

Check out the title track of the new studio album from Germany’s U.D.O. entitled Decadent. The new album will be released in Europe on January 26, 2015 and February 3, 2015 in the U.S. via AFM Records. Decadent Tracklisting 01. Speeder 02. Decadent 03. House Of Fake 04. Mystery 05. Pain 06. Secrets In Paradise

Top 25 Films of 2014-James Picks

For the fifth straight year I will say this, “this is the time of the year I bow to all you readers, film companies, and the talent behind films who always look out for this site”. When I started this almost 5 years ago, my goal was to exist. As I started to grow, I

Movie Review-the Devil’s Hand

Review-Hollywood seemed to have shied away from horror in an Amish community. They have found new grounds with cults, from religious to satanic. The Devil’s Hand I would assume is taking on the Amish community but this film is so safe not to offend anyone we are not really sure at times. This film is

Movie Review-At The Devil’s Door

Review-Nicholas McCarthy’s debut film The Pact I really enjoyed and found it to be very effective in its suspense and story. The fact that Casper Van Dien could carry a film in this day and age deserved the man an Oscar. Nicholas now proves that not only did he avoid the sophomore slump but he