Slayer Back in the Studio

Slayer Back in the Studio

Thrash metal legends Slayer are back in the studio to record the 11th album of their career, the follow-up to “World Painted Blood.” Their upcoming opus is slated for a release in early 2015 and will be the first since guitarist Jeff Hanneman’s passing and since drummer Paul Bostaph rejoined after Dave Lombardo was kicked

Movie Review-Prince of the Night

Review-Originally released in 1988, this film is so misunderstood. Not so much for what the film is about, but more so for both what is the title about and is it a sequel to Herzog’s 1979 film, Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht. The confusion all stems from the late Klaus Kinski who reprises his Nosferatu character.

Movie Review-Night Moves

Review-Kelly Reichardt is a great indie director who I loved her films Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy. She brings realism to her stories and characters that just really capture the essence of pure storytelling. Her work so far can be called emotionally positive. Like most indie directors when they make a bigger scale film,

DVD -Bonanza: Official Seventh Season – Vol One & Two

1. The Debt (September 12, 1965) 2. The Dilemma (September 19, 1965) 3. The Brass Box (September 26, 1965) 4. The Other Son (October 3, 1965) 5. The Lonely Runner (October 10, 1965) 6. Devil On Her Shoulder (October 17, 1965) 7. Found Child (October 24, 1965) 8. The Meredith Smith (October 31, 1965) 9.

Movie Review-The Last Horror Movie

Review-A little backstory into this, in 2003 I actually saw this film. The title alone for me was the selling point that is a very ballsy title that is deemed to get someone’s attention. The film itself revisiting it some years later, I feel was very good but yet I still cannot grasp that ending.

Movie Review-Monika

Review-I am starting to think that the remake of I Spit On Your Grave was a fluke for Steven R Monroe. Everything he did before it, was awful and everything since has not been good at all. I feel with Monroe he just wants to put his name on any film, and hope for the

TV Review-The Originals: Season 1

Review-Cashing in on the Vampire Diaries fame, is a spin-off called The Originals. This show centers on Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson. Along with them for the show is Hayley the werewolf that is pregnant with Klaus’s child. The show centers on the siblings returning to New Orleans which they built the city and had

Movie Review-Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Review-What makes a documentary effective? I feel when you take a subject that hits home for people and besides putting images on it, you put a human face on it. In my lifetime, there is no day that can touch 9/11/01 in terms of devastating this country. Just when you think you heard all the

Movie Review-Very Good Girls

Review-Very Good Girls is a film that on paper felt like a hit, but when you see the finished product you are at a loss at how bland the film turned out. I am a fan of both Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen who play Lilly and Gerri. The film opens and our two friends

Movie Review-The Battery

Review-The Battery may do for zombie films what Wristcutters did for suicide films. I love when I stumble upon small films that while lack in budget, make up for it with imagination and heart. This is a very dark humor dramatic road trip with two guys who watch the world they once loved crumble before