Blu Ray Review-Ma

Review-I am not sure what Ma was setting out to accomplish. This is a thriller that wants to be a horror film. This film has one of the best performances out of Octavia Spencer, but it fails to really deliver on it. She truly embraces this serial killer like role she is playing. You can

Blu Ray Review-Godzilla:King of the Monsters

Review-Warner Brothers are damned if they do and damned if they do not. 2014’s “ Godzilla” upset fans because there was not enough monsters and had more human story. The follow up upset fans because there was not enough human story and had more monsters. Legendary at this point is going to bring the MonsterVerse

DVD Review-The Sun Is Also A Star

Review-I feel that manipulating an audience can be an art form. When it is done properly, it is poetic. When it fails….The Sun Is Also a Star is based on the bestselling novel by Nicola Yoon. My feelings about this film can be seen in two ways, I felt the story was heavy handed in

DVD Review-Ladyworld

Review-Ladyworld can be seen as the most polarizing film of 2019. I feel there are going to be some people who will dig this film a lot. Others will look at this female take on Lord of the Flies and criticize with venom the shit out of it. This film takes place in an apartment

DVD Review-The Devil’s Playground

Review-An Open Letter to Movie Makers:Ahem, my name is James DePaolo. I am Catholic. Stop picking on our religion. I know we are an easy target with questionable ways of religious practices, but we are not all bad people. Love James. P.S. Enjoy this review. I am a child of the 70’s. When films like

DVD Review-The Hidden

Review-I have always felt like, if you were not born in the video store boom, you truly missed out on something. Low budget horror had to be seen as the winner at the time. You could make any movie and put a cool cover on it, and it would get rented out. “ The Hidden”

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Blu Ray Review-The Curse of La Llorona

Review-I loved the first Conjuring film. It was smart and effectively scary. The issue with the universe that first film started was that the films after it, felt so much like it. I am not too familiar with the legend or loir about The Curse of La Llorona. The first hour of this film is

Blu Ray Review-Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Review-I will be honest. My wife is super into Pokemon and I know zero. So, going into this film I was somewhat hesitant. ( I am a manager at Gamestop also) I can say this, if you know nothing about the history of characters, this film does not try to alienate you. It does not

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