Music Review-Annihilator-Suicide Society

Review-Annihilator to date has released 15 studio albums and has had numerous lineup changes. The running joke with fans was that when Annihilator was releasing a new record we would see a band picture with new faces. At this point the only original member would be Jeff Waters. Jeff has been guitarist since its inception,

Music Review- Yes — Like It Is: Live at the Mesa Arts Center

Jon Davison – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards Steve Howe – electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals Chris Squire – bass guitar, backing vocals, harmonica Geoff Downes – keyboards Alan White – drums Review-Before I write about this live record, I have to be honest. Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, how can

Music Review-Operation Mindcrime – The Key

1. Choices 2. Burn 3. Re-Inventing The Future 4. Ready To Fly 5. Discussions In A Smoke Filled Room 6. Life or Death? 7. The Stranger 8. Hearing Voice 9. On Queue 10. An Ambush Of Sadness 11. Kicking In The Door 12. The Fall Review-I know when people talk about Geoff Tate these days

Review-Asia – Axis XXX Live in San Francisco MMXII

CD 1: 1. Introduction 2. Only Time Will Tell 3. Wildest Dreams 4. Face On The Bridge 5. Time Again 6. Tomorrow The World 7. Ride Easy 8. Pyramidology 9. The Golden Mean 10. I Know How You Feel 11. Don’t Cry 12. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes CD 2: 1. Cutting It Fine

Music Review-Leaves’ Eyes-King of Kings

Band: Liv Kristine (vocals) Alexander Krull (vocals) Thorsten Bauer (guitar, bass) Pete Streit (guitar) Joris Nijenhuis (drums) Guest vocalists: Simone Simons (Epica) Track Listing: 1. Sweven 2. King of Kings 3. Halvdan the Black 4. The Waking Eye 5. Feast of the Year 6. Vengeance Venom 7. Sacred Vow 8. Edge of Steel 9. Haraldskvadi

Movie Review-The Blood Lands

Review-The Blood Lands centers around a London couple named Ed and Sarah. It seems as the film opens this couple is on the hunt for a larger house that meets their budget. Ed it seems is an architect and can renovate it to their liking. On the Scottish border they find this farmhouse which they

Movie Review-Mad Max:Fury Road

Review-Mad Max: Fury Road is definitely the film we been waiting for since the end of The Road Warrior. While some people bitched about the feminism approach this film has, where it seems Max is playing second fiddle at times to Imperator Furiosa. I will say those people are idiots, because this film from start

Movie Review-The Editor

Review-If you are not familiar with the genius that is Astron-6, you are truly either living under the proverbial rock or you are missing out. The Editor is the perfect example of what make their fans scream their praises. In this horror/comedy goodness we meet Rey Ciso, we are told that at one time he

Music Review-Deradoorian- The Expanding Flower Planet

Review-Angel Deradoorian’s debut album comes almost 3 years after her departure from The Dirty Projectors. Angel’s music is so rich and diverse that the label you describe this sound will change song to song. I always feel with a talent like Angel that to confine her to a band is like telling a genius what

Movie Review-The Harvest

Review-When your directorial debut is a film so praised and hailed as a classic like Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer, you know expectations will be high when people see your name. To John McNaughton’s credit his film history has always had something special about each film. Mad Dog and Glory had the honor of