Gene Simmons & WWE Studios Launch Horror Label

Gene Simmons

Legendary KISS founder Gene Simmons is getting into the horror movie genre with a new label with the first project is already on the docket. Simmons has partnered with WWE Studios to launch horror movie label Erebus Pictures. The new venture has locked a three-picture co-production deal starting with Temple, written by Matt Savelloni. …a

Movie Review-The Babadook

Review-The Babadook is real, not only is it real but this film is guaranteed to scare the living hell out of you. The story starts off with this woman named Amelia. Amelia comes across as a damaged yet kind soul, 7 years ago on the way to give birth to her son, her husband died

Movie Review-The Walking Deceased

Review-If you thought films like Epic Movie or whatever film the 19th Wayans brother is in this year is funny, welcome to The Walking Deceased. As the title tells you it is a parody of Walking Dead but it also a parody of Zombieland and Warm Bodies as well. The humor in this film is

Movie Review-Roadside

Review-Eric England’s follow up to the excellent Contracted is a film that I feel may alienate most horror fans. Roadside revolves around Dan and Mindy who is on their way to Dan’s sister house for Christmas when they encounter a few thing odd things. The first odd thing comes in the presence of a truck

Movie Review-It Follows

Review-This film opening wider this Friday is such a win for this little indie horror film. No matter what the following review says, anytime you have a chance to support any small horror film, you should take it. These chances and opportunities seem to be happening slimmer to none each month. Onto our film, It

Movie Review-The Burning Dead

Review- I actually talked to director Rene Perez around the time his Cowboys vs. Zombies film was coming out. On our little talk he came across as a super nice guy and his heart firmly into these low to no budget cheese films. 4 years later we get his latest film originally called Volcano Zombies.


XLRATOR MEDIA SLOTS MAY RELEASE FOR DANIELLE PANABAKER-LED SCI-FI THRILLER “TIME LAPSE” LOS ANGELES – (Mar. 26, 2015) – XLrator Media (Jimi: All is By My Side, The Machine) has acquired North American distribution rights to the time travel thriller TIME LAPSE starring Danielle Panabaker (CW’s “The Flash,” FX’s “Justified”), Matt O’Leary (Fat Kid Rules

Movie Review-Scream Machine

Review-In 2010 I discovered a film called Nightmare Alley, it was a no-budget anthology in the light of a modern day Creepshow. It introduced me to a character that is called Scarlet Fry. The alter ego of Scarlet is a man named Walter Ruether, he has become a name on the no-budget film scene with

Wicked Channel Interview-Die So Fluid’s Grog

Die So Fluid is a band that I been wanting on this site for 5 years, and finally I got Grog on our page. Why listen to me, let her speak. Thanks so much for checking this out and support the new cd.   1. Grog, I have to say this is an honor. First

Movie Review-Wild Card

Review-When I first heard the news that Jason Statham was in Furious 7, I was beyond stoked. Statham is an actor who adds a few new twists into his direct to home video ass kicking films. I am pissed we have yet to get a Crank 3-D, but Wild Card is a good holdover till