DVD Review-Terror 5

Review-Artsploitation Films, I have come to the understanding that they are all on serious drugs. The films they release are so out there at times, that you really wonder what exactly was the filmmaker thinking. Even more far fetched is what was the studio thinking to sign it. Do not, read this as any kind

Blu Ray Review-The New York Ripper

There are a handful of films that even with my jaded tastes make me wanna soak in a shower for hours, lathering myself up until my lumpy frame wrinkles up like a prune. One of note that does just that incredibly well is Lucio Fulci’s highly controversial, The New York Ripper. Censored just about everywhere

Blu Ray Review-Trapped Alive

Review-This film is a product of the 80’s. When video stores were the rage. It seemed like weekly they had 10 to 12 new low budget horror films to rent. Director Leszek Burzynski admits that this cast was not “ quite ready for prime time”. This film is everything a B movie needs to be.

Movie Review-Isn’t It Romantic (Blu Ray)

Review-If you thought The Final Girls was a good dig at the slasher film genre, then this film should be a good time for you. This film is mocking itself as we meet an unlucky in love woman played by Rebel Wilson. We learn she hates the rom com. When she gets hit in the

Movie Review-Lords of Chaos

Review-When I first heard the news of this film. I was so stoked. I am a huge fan of biopics and music as well. This look into the creation of Norwegian Black Metal is part fact and a ton of fiction. To be honest and blunt, this film is not for everyone. That being said,

Movie Review-Rondo

Review-Trying to figure this film out is like trying to find a penny in the bottom of the ocean. This film opens with a voice over that welcomes you into this almost sane reality. The opening has us assume that this film is being built around Paul. Paul has just returned from the military with

Movie Review-A Star is Born: The Encore (Extended Cut) Blu Ray

Review-Movie Review-Let’s be honest, this extended cut is basically close to 15 minutes of extended scenes that if you blink at some, you would not miss it. I am not going to say, this film is worst for it. This film to me, is just the same. The scenes are scattered in different times and

Movie Review-Audition (Special Edition Blu Ray)

Special Edition Contents Brand new 2K restoriation of original vault elements Original 5.1 Dolby Surround Audio Optional English subtitles Audio commentary with director Takashi Miike and screenwriter Daisuke Tengan Brand new commentary by Miike biographer Tom Mes examining the film and its source novel Introduction by Miike Ties that Bind A brand new interview with

Movie Review-Band vs Brand

Review-Let us be honest. When it comes to physical media. No one really buys cds anymore. It is sad to collectors like me. It is funny, all the musicians whining and bitching today about not making any money were the first ones to attack Lars Ulrich when he sounded off on Napster. If music stores

Movie Review-Revenge of the Spacemen( Blu Ray)

Review-When it comes to watching a film, everyone has a different experience. Some people love a good laugh, others are just born to be miserable. Revenge of the Spaceman is a good time that I feel will be lost on most viewers. This homage to campy 50’s horror and science fiction is very cheese filled.

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