Anime Review-My Hero Academia: Season One (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-I am fairly still new to anime. Though, I have dipped into the pools in the past with titles like “ Death Note” and “ Ghost in the Shell”. In the last six months, I have reviewed maybe 10 to 12 titles. Each title has either impressed me where I am more into the genre,

Movie Review-Tunnel (DVD)

Coming to home video May 2nd Review-There are films that when they begin, you just have a feeling if this film is going to be for you or not. This film had all the best intentions going for it in the start. You have the father who is driving to get home for his little

Movie Review-Empire State of the Dead (DVD)

Review-Anthology films are a fixture for indie horror. Much like the found footage. It is cheap and when executed correctly could make someone noticed very fast. When I heard that Ron Bonk was putting his name on an anthology film, it had me excited. SRS Cinema in the last 12 months, have put out two

Movie Review-Naciye (DVD)

Review-As weird as it is intriguing, “ Naciye” in its own way tells the story about a Turkish couple that is watching their marriage fail. Bertan is very nice but he is not too bright and his woman is pregnant and very frustrated with him. They rent a home on the Marmara Coast. Bertan sees

Cover Art for the Upcoming Release of Brian Skiba’s Sci-Fi Cult Flick “Crushed Velvet”

Coming Soon! Directed by Brian Skiba (Blood Moon Rising, Rottentail) and Starring Laurie Love, Ron Jeremy, Dominic Ross, David Hayes, Kevin Tye and Jeff Dolniak. If you are not familiar with Jeff Dolniak or David Hayes, they also write for Give the guys a like and support this film.

Movie Review-The Marine 5: Battleground [Blu-ray]

Review-Things I learned while watching “ The Marine 5: Battleground” by James DePaolo. Number 1. You can have a film called Marine, even though your main star is an EMT now. Number 2: That during a drive by, you can shoot into someone numerous times and they will live. 3. That on your very first

Movie Review-Abandoned Dead (DVD)

Review-The feeling you have when you go somewhere that seems so familiar to you, and then you come to a realization you never been there before. You cannot shake off the feeling that you feel you have been there before. That was the feeling I had watching “ Abandoned Dead”, the latest film by the

Movie Review-Minutes Past Midnight (DVD)

Review-Justin McConnell first hit my radar with the criminally underrated gem, “ The Collapsed”. Everyone hailed Justin as the next big breakout director. 6 years have passed and we are still singing his praises with “ Minutes Past Midnight”. Along with producer Avi Federgreen, they present an anthology of nine standalone short stories that will

Movie Review-The Watcher (DVD)

Review-I am so torn on “ The Watcher”. My heart says one thing and my brain says another. Director Ryan Rothmaier reminds me of the kid who dreams about getting to pitch a baseball game. He sits there and waits for his shot to get to the mound and throw that damn ball. He thinks

Movie Review-Dream Stalker (DVD)

Review-So I was watching the credits for “ The Founder”. It has a name in the credits that caught my attention, Christopher Mills. Is this the same Christopher Mills who did the 1991 baddie film I have to review, “ Dream Stalker”? My curiosity took me to IMDB to see that in fact it was

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