Metal Review: Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out (2014)

Exodus: Blood In, Blood Out

The almighty thrash metal powerhouse Exodus is back in in 2014 with their latest effort, “Blood In, Blood Out,” and marking the return of Steve “Zetro” Souza for his third stint with the band. After their latest breakup, it seemed hard to fathom that the tandem would ever reunite. Harsh words were spoken. Exodus moved

Metallica Performs For Whom the Bell Tolls On The Late Late Show

Metallica: Ride the Lightning

Metallica has been on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson for the entire week and yesterday, the legendary metal band performed For Whom the Bell Tolls from “Ride the Lightning.” Please upgrade your browser Don’t miss the band’s next performance tonight at 12:35/11:35 C on on the CBS Television Network.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death Trailer Online

The Woman in Black

Check out the new trailer for “The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death,” the sequel to the surprise 2012 haunted house film that starred Daniel Radcliffe. Please upgrade your browser The sequel, directed by Tom Harper and starring Jeremy Irvine and Helen McCrory, takes place in the same house 40 years later when a

Faith No More Streaming New Single Motherfucker Online

Faith No More

Faith No More’s much anticipated album is coming out in 2015, but you can now hear the first single from it as the band is streaming Motherfucker. Check it out below. Please upgrade your browser The band will release a 7″ for Motherfucker on Black Friday, November 28, 2014, as part of this year’s Record

Horror Review: House of the Witchdoctor (2013)

House of the Witchdoctor

Two career criminals go on a killing spree which eventually leads them to a small rural town where a group of graduate students are staying for a week-end. When they break into the Van Hooten residence to terrorize and kill the inhabitants, they discover the house is owned by a cult leader who turns the

Song of the Week: Machine Head: In Comes the Flood (2014)

Machine Head: Bloodstone & Diamonds

Machine Head rules. That about sums it up. Seriously though, I just cannot stop listening to their latest opus “Bloodstone & Diamonds” (read the Bloodstone & Diamonds review). The band really turned the page since “The Blackening” and has been on top of the metal world since then. To start off our new column, The

Jack the Ripper to Return in FX’s From Hell Series

From Hell

Horror on television in going fairly well right now and it looks like we are getting another interesting television series in the works. FX is developing a new series, “From Hell,” a drama based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, which was adapted into the 2001 20th Century Fox feature starring

Arch Enemy Announces New Guitarist Jeff Loomis

Jeff Loomis

Talk about some incredible news. I knew that ex-Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis would land somewhere and Arch Enemy seems like a logical place. The Swedish melodic death metal outfit has announced that Loomis will replace outgoing guitarist Nick Cordle. Loomis will join the band on the upcoming European tour, which kicks off November 26, 2014

Movie Review-As the Light Goes Out

Review-Fuck Into the Storm, As The Light Goes Out is the disaster film this week that people should rush to the store and buy. I know people are going to be skeptical when they hear this film is from Hong Kong. After all, people expect all Hong Kong exports to be about dirty cops, violent

Movie Review-Raw Force–Mondo Cannibal–In the Land of the Cannibals

Review-Vinegar Syndrome is becoming the kings and queens of cult movie entertainment. They really dig up a lot of the most obscure films and give them a proper blu ray transfer. Raw Force as big of a film buff I am, I can honestly say until I got this in the mail I never heard