Movie Review-Devil May Call

Review-Devil May Call is a middle of the road horror film that if you see it on, I would not turn it off but if you have to go out of your way to see it, I would wait on it. We meet John early on who seems to have issues and mental problems he

Movie Review-Motivational Growth

Review-Let me just go on record, I have had a history of drug abuse and alcohol. (Some may debate whether I am still on drugs right now) That being said, Motivational Growth is a film that welcomes any kind of substance or drug abuse. Picture if the Pink Floyd Wall film was mixed with Basket

Metal Review: Lykaion: Heavy Lullabies (2015)

Lykaion: Heavy Lullabies

Italian dark metal act Lykaion are back with their sophomore effort, Heavy Lullabies. The band gets lumped into this dark metal genre, which seem to be where bands get placed when they traverse multiple genres of metal. Pretty soon, every metal band will be dark metal. What can easily be said about Lykaion is that

Metal Review: Ergot: Victims of Our Same Dreams (2015)

Ergot: Victims of Our Same Dreams

Due out on March 30, 2015 via De Tenebrarum Principio, is the new album from Ergot entitled Victims of Our Same Dreams, and this album is not one to be missed by black metal fans. It is an atmospheric trip back to the olden days of black metal when bands like Satyricon and Emperor ran

Poltergeist Remake Gets New Release Date

Poltergeist Remake Poster

Gil Kenan’s remake on the Tobe Hooper classic “Poltergeist” is making its way sooner than anticipated as 20th Century Fox has opted to move the Sam Raimi-produced remake to May 22, 2015. It was originally slated for a release on July 24, 2015. …a family whose suburban home is invaded by angry spirits. When the

Amorphis Announces New Album September


If you are not an Amorphis fan, you have no idea what you are missing. The Finnish melodic death metal titans will be touring with Nightwish and Arch Enemy soon, but they have announced that their upcoming 12th studio album will begin pre-production this month in Helsinki with producer Jens Bogren. Album recordings will begin

Metal Review: Dehuman: Graveyard of Eden (2015)

Dehuman: Graveyard of Eden

Belgium death metal quartet Dehuman are back with their sophomore effort Graveyard of Eden three years after their debut album Black Throne of All Creation. The band shows that they have learned quite a bit over the past three years after some extensive touring with a few major bands. Their debut showed that they were

Enslaved Streaming New Album In Times Online

Enslaved: In Times

Listen to the entire new Enslaved album, In Times in its entirety in the video clip below. Nuclear Blast Records has made the whole thing available online today. In Times will be in stores on March 6, 2015 in Europe, March 9, 2015 in the UK and March 10, 2015 in North America. Please upgrade

Faith No More New Single Superhero Streaming Online

Faith No More

New music from Faith No More? Yes, thank you. The alternative legends will release their first new album in almost two decades entitled Sol Invictus. Check out the second song that the band has been kind enough to share, which is named “Superhero.” It will be available as a limited edition 7-inch single on March

Movie Review-The Captive

Review-Ryan Reynolds loves working on little small puzzle like films. The Nines was a better than average film which if you followed closely enough your head would explode trying to figure out what they were throwing at you. The Captive is more in that vein, this film is not a journey or even an entertaining