Is Megadeth Struggling To Stay Relevant?


People can say what they will about the state and direction of the music industry today, but one fact that’s difficult to deny is that an increasingly active market for genre mixing and collaborations is helping numerous artists to stay relevant. For instance, in the past couple of years we’ve seen Paul McCartney team up

Movie Review-Homicycle

Review-Brett Kelly has a directing style that could be seen as the lower budget Roger Corman. Kelly’s films you just know from the first minutes if you love like or hate it. He is a director that loves to get that hook in early to try and keep the viewer interested or as some may

Movie Review-Stigmata

Review-Stigmata can be viewed one or two ways. One being that this is a mockumentary on the Catholic religion. Two, that this is the Wal Mart version of The Exorcist. Director Rupert Wainwright coming off of the mega film that Blank Check was gives us a film with so many hidden agendas. This film portrays

Movie Review-An Irish Exorcism

Review-There is an old adage,” that if you have seen one, you have basically seen them all”. An Irish exorcism sad to say, is the same as any other exorcism unless you count the point that it may have something to do with Irish or Ireland. Seriously what is next? Space Exorcism? Exorcism in the

Movie Review-Tracers

Review-When the first Twilight film came out, who would have thought that the two main leads would be making cheap direct to home video films in the years ahead? To be fair, Tracers is not a bad film, it is actually edge of your seat non-stop roller coaster thrills and excitement. To be more than

Movie Review-The Pigman Murders

Review-The Pigman Murders is an Irish found footage film. We meet a group of people who journey into the wilderness as a way of homage to their late buddy Brendan who died a year earlier from a fight with cancer. They hire a professional cameraman to do this for the family of Brendan as a

Movie Review-Jonah Lives

Review-Watching a horror film is not a catalyst for some to think that they can be a director or a movie personality. (Or even for that matter a critic or blogger, so I can throw rocks on myself as well) The horror market these days is so saturated with IPhone directors who put their shit

Movie Review-Bedlam

Review-They call themselves After Dark Originals, but most of the films they put out seem pretty contrived and derived. Sometimes it is not really a bad thing, but a film like Bedlam it does make one wish it was a little more original or better thought out. In Bedlam, we meet George Kilner who checks

Movie Review-Blood Slaughter Massacre

Review-Good for Wild Eye Releasing. It seems that in the last few years there has been a growth. Where when I started blogging in 2010, they felt like a specialty label releasing films like once every few months, now it seems they are really making a run at having a broader scope of films in

Movie Review-Gun Woman

Review-Gun Woman has a plot that when you put thought into it makes little to no sense but if this orgy of blood and violence is not only a film to witness but adore. Gun Woman tells the story of a guy we know as Mastermind. It seems Mastermind’s wife is raped and murdered by