Movie Review-Altitude [Blu-ray]

Review-A Denise Richards comeback in a direct to video action film? Weirder things have happened. This film centers on Denise who is a radical FBI agent who bucks the system and does not follow the rules. Because of this, she is being flown to a desk job from the field she worked. During the flight

Movie Review-Life [Blu-Ray]

Review-I am torn on this film. I hate the concept that every person has to talk about “ Event Horizon” or “ Alien”, just to confirm that they know what to say about “ Life”. Does the film resemble those two films? I guess some people can say yes, but I feel it is so

Movie Review-The Lawnmower Man [Collector’s Edition] [Blu-ray]

Review-” The Lawnmower Man” is a film that came out in 1992, based very loosely on a Stephen King short story. The controversy this film had in its initial release was that the use of King’s name was misleading. I was one of the people who went opening night to see this at the theater.

Movie Review-Evil Ed (Special Edition Blu Ray)

Review-The 80’s were an amazing time for film. We did not have an IMDB, or the age of the internet critic. We had people who flocked into video stores and wanted to take home films and be entertained. You could go in the video store for one movie, and leave with three different ones. You

Movie Review-Death Line (Blu Ray)

Review-Gary Sherman is one of those directors that really knows how to romance an audience into his vision. He has given us so few films, but the ones he gave us have been something to talk about. Whether it was the very underrated “ Poltergeist 3” or one of the best New World films in

Movie Review-The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya: The Movie (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-Before I write the review, I have to explain why I am so late. I got the film in the mail 2 weeks or so ago to review. Then, I found out that before I see this film I have to see the first season of the anime show. I was talking to some people

Movie Review-Cannibal Messiah (DVD)

Review-No matter how many diatribes I can go on about where the fucking horror genre seems to be heading, nobody fucking listens. They all race off like jackoffs to support some Hollywood crap, but ignore the indie films. NEWSFLASH-The internet was supposed to make us smarter and more advanced. It was not supposed to be

Movie Review-Mine (Blu Ray)

Coming out Tuesday June 13th Review-” Mine” is a film that tries very hard to capitalize on the “ American Sniper” crowd. We meet Mike who along with his marine friend Tommy are on a mission to take out a high-level target. The problem is that while Tommy is very excited about doing this, Mike

Movie Review-Life of Significant Soil (DVD)

Review-If you are a fan of films like “ Groundhog Day”, “ Blood Punch” and “ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, you are going to love this film. It takes the concept of repetition of the first two films mentioned and adds the awkward story of the third film to create a film I

Movie Review-The Wedding Party (DVD)

Review-A wedding is one of those events in life that always seem to have the most positive and negative things happen during those moments. I know for my wedding it was chaotic, till it ended. Paul and Margene’s wedding on the other hand is anything but sane in “ The Wedding Party”. Thane Economou is

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