Mojin – The Lost Legend Giveaway Contest

On May 3rd Well Go USA releases their latest film called Mojin-The Lost Legend. The film looks to be loaded with fun and action. We have, thanks to the fine folks at the Well Go USA family a few copies to giveaway to you the readers. All I will ask is you send me an

Movie Review-Scars

Review-Do you ever feel like you met someone more out of fate than luck? That you were just destined to meet this person, no matter how the events that follow this meeting happen? That is the case of the film Scars. We meet two women who are so different, but yet so similar. The film

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Movie Review-The Horde

Review-Most directors when they have a new film, you sort of have a clue what direction or where their head is at. Jared Cohn’s body of work so far is as easy to describe as someone in a rainfall trying to count rain drops. One thing is for sure, when the man is on he

Music Reviews-Tracy Shedd-Arizona….7Horse-Livin in a Bitch of a World…Tanika Tikaram-Closer to the People

Review-I have been diving deep into the indie pool of music and discovered some interesting sounds. First up, we have a young lady named Tracy Shedd. I discovered a cover of Sonic Youth’s Teenage Riot and fell in love with this sultry voice and said, “ I got to see what she is all about”.

DVD Review- Scream: The Tv Series Season 1

Review-December 1996, I remember me and my girlfriend at the time doing a double feature. We were going to see first Beavis and Butthead Do America, which I was so stoked about. And this little unknown horror film that at the time not many people were talking about it called Scream. Scream did not get

Music Review-Joe Lynn Turner-Street of Dreams – Boston 1985 Live

Track List: 1. I Found Love 2. Losing You 3. Soul Searcher 4. Young Hearts 5. Endlessly 6. Rescue You 7. Stone Cold 8. Street Of Dreams 9. Feel The Fire 10. Guitar Solo / Good Girls Gone Bad 11. Get Tough 12. On The Run 13. Them Changes Review-If you were to ask me

Movie Review-What?

Review-When I was in college, I remember doing a report on one of my favorite directors, Roman Polanski. Roman was always one of those mavericks who challenged the system in his early years and later on, made Hollywood bend to his vision. I feel when people think of the man, with his controversies and all,

Movie Review-The Haunting of Alice D

Review-Director Jessica Sonneborn is ambitious. Her film has such an interesting premise.We open the film in 1898 when all men resembled either Kane Hodder or Al Snow. (which may explain why the rash of lesbianism in this era, I kid) Hodder plays an evil man named Davenport. Davenport loves his women young and innocent. A

Movie Review-Krampus

Review-Remember when horror films centering on Christmas were “controversial”? Well, those days are gone and today, everything is fair game in the world of Hollywood and horror. ( Next up is the horror film based on a woman whose period comes every time she hears certain phrases or words. Or better yet a horror film