Blu Ray Review-Annabelle Comes Home

Review-Who says that horror is dead in 2019? Talk about a great year for this genre. We had the excellent Crawl. We had a good remake in Child’s Play. The very underrated gem The Hole in the Ground. Even the funny horror films did not fail like Ready or Not or Happy Death Day 2U.

Blu Ray Review-Pan’s Labyrinth (4K Ultra HD)

Review-There are two kinds of good films. The film you think is so good, that you go back and watch it again is one. The second is a film that is so good, you feel that one time is enough. Pan’s Labyrinth is that film that I need to see one time. Or, so I

Blu Ray Review-Gremlins 4K Ultra HD

Review-I feel my young teens were the best time to be a movie fan. This week alone, I watched the 4K to Gremlins, this Sunday I am going to see both Ghostbusters and Clue at the movie theater again. To see Gremlins again was bittersweet in a way. This is the first time since 30

Blu Ray Review-Malevolence

Review-Back in 2002. I remember reading Rue Morgue. It had an article about all these new horror films that have all this hype on them. Malevolence lead the charge. I looked at the still pictures and movie posters that they had in the article and I was in. I originally saw this film in 2004.

Blu Ray Review-Malevolence 3: Killer

Review-I am not sure what to say first about this film. I am so torn on how this film left me. This film clearly was Mena going outside his comfort zone. I am not really sure what he wanted to give us in terms of a film and what he had to give us. Martin

Blu Ray Review-Malevolence 2: Bereavement

tevan Mena’s “Bereavement” is a prequel to his “Malevolence,” which found Martin Bristol ten years post-kidnapping where he was abducted while playing on a swing. “Bereavement” takes us to Martin as a child in 1989 in Minersville, Pennsylvania. One thing that we learned from “Malevolence” was that director Stevan Mena knows how to make a

Blu Ray Review-Shaft

Review-In 2019, did we really need another Shaft film? I feel that question can be answered much like did we really need another Rambo film. Shaft was a character that got popularized in the 70’s by Richard Roundtree. Samuel L Jackson would step in to fill for the first remake of the film. There were

Blu Ray Review-Ma

Review-I am not sure what Ma was setting out to accomplish. This is a thriller that wants to be a horror film. This film has one of the best performances out of Octavia Spencer, but it fails to really deliver on it. She truly embraces this serial killer like role she is playing. You can

Blu Ray Review-Godzilla:King of the Monsters

Review-Warner Brothers are damned if they do and damned if they do not. 2014’s “ Godzilla” upset fans because there was not enough monsters and had more human story. The follow up upset fans because there was not enough human story and had more monsters. Legendary at this point is going to bring the MonsterVerse

DVD Review-The Sun Is Also A Star

Review-I feel that manipulating an audience can be an art form. When it is done properly, it is poetic. When it fails….The Sun Is Also a Star is based on the bestselling novel by Nicola Yoon. My feelings about this film can be seen in two ways, I felt the story was heavy handed in

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